August Reflections

This blog post was written by David Leece.

A third trip occurred in the late dry of August. Warm days and very cool mornings. The floodplain in the early morning, from our vantage point at Djinkarr, is a vast white ocean of mist, all features lost, the extent unknown and hidden, to be revealed in the latent heat of the day.

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A Day in the Life of the Djelk Rangers

The ranger station was a hive of activity when I arrived.  A line of Toyotas, bonnets up, were parked in front of the ranger station. Some had been washed and some were being washed and all were having the essential elements for a hard day in the bush checked – tyres, oil, fuel etc. Safety is a huge priority for the rangers who operate in a landscape where an accident or breakdown could be life threatening.

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A Successful Second Trip

Following our successful ‘reccie’ in March to Maningrida to present community members in the Djlek IPA with a project proposal developed from their concerns about Living on Healthy, we returned with a larger Arnhembrand team to Maningrida in the Djelk IPA. The community endorsed our proposal and started drawings, digital and oral recordings and signed participation consent forms.

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Arnhembrand Update 1

We firstly thanked the Traditional Owners for permission to visit Country and acknowledged the elders past and present. We then presented some models of how Arnhembrand would work with community participation on art and stories about environmental preservation.

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